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Welcome to BOLDT Athletics’ 6 Week Fitness Challenge!

    We are excited unlock more or your highest self through our exclusive fitness services and educational opportunities!


    Our objective is to create an awareness for everyone’s fitness goals, and to educate on the importance of overall wellness within nutrition, exercise, and proper supplementation. 


One winner will be selected to receive a special bundle pack!

    This will give everyone an opportunity to start the new year off right!

What are the rules?

-       Register for $30

-       Attend Initial and Final Assessment at BOLDT Athletics

-       Participate in three workouts per week (including BOLDT Athletics and/or Cardinal Pilates)


What is included within the challenge?

-       A chance to win a special Health Pack that includes 2 Private Personal Training Sessions, 2 Private Pilates Sessions, Supplements and more!

-       Initial and Final Body Measurements and Fitness Assessments to track progress

-       Health seminars to educate on proper wellness and nutrition

-       Weekly check-in from coaches

The 6 Week Fitness Challenge will take place from January 16- February 26! 

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