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What is BOLDT Athletics?

Updated: Apr 27

BOLDT Athletics is a community strength and conditioning organization that was originally formed outside in the summer of 2020. BOLDT was created to fulfil the demands of small group workouts, due to most gyms being closed from the world pandemic. Later that year, BOLDT Athletics continued to grow and eventually moved inside, where it remains a staple to the surrounding Denver community.

The overall purpose of BOLDT Athletic workouts are to help others grow into their most athletic selves- physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is a workout designed to help others unlock new-found strengths, they never thought was possible. Strengths that continuously move everyone forward into their greatest potential of living;

Because Our Lifestyle Demands Training.

How are the workouts structured?

Throughout the year, BOLDT Athletics continues to challenge athletes of all levels in order become their best selves. The programming is designed through undulated periodization that includes a variance of sets and repetitions based by volume and intensity. These variant cycles usually occur and shift over the course of 4-6-week mesocycles in order to create the greatest athlete possible.

BOLDT Athletics host a regular schedule of sessions throughout the week that include –

Monday – Full Body Strength

Tuesday – Lower Body Strength

Wednesday – Upper Body Strength

Thursday – Low- Impact Full Body Conditioning

Friday – Recovery

Saturday – Full Body Conditioning

Strength days are focused for educating on the importance of heavy lifting, time under tension against resistance, and more importantly the utilization of mind- muscle connection. Full body conditioning days are not only dedicated to drive and sustain an elevated heart rate, but are created to enhance footwork, hand- eye coordination, control, explosiveness, power, endurance, and more.

Even through every day throughout the week contains a different focus, each 60-minute session is instructed by the same five steps.

These five steps include –

1. Warmup – instructed series of movements in order prevent injury and elevate the body temperature overall. (10-15 minutes)

2. Mobility – a short portion of the workout to improve range of motion and strength in certain areas of the body. (5-10 minutes)

3. Prime – another small section of the workout to continuously awaken surrounding muscles and motor neurons in order to execute the following lift portion appropriately. This section of the workout typically includes drills associated with footwork, hand- eye coordination, plyometrics, agilities, and/or core strengthening exercises. (5-10 minutes)

4. Lift – the longest segment of the workout. Lifting is executed through structural compound lifts including barbell squats, deadlift, bench press and more. The lifting section also include supplementary dumbbell exercises, and a variance of body weight calisthenics. Each day can vary in sets and repetitions, volume and intensity; due to the general focus of each cycle throughout the year. (25- 40 min)

5. Finisher/Stretch – this includes an ongoing section of the workout to capitalize on the work put in for the hour. (5 minutes)

The workouts are designed for everyone to improve their strength, power, endurance, and overall development.

Are BOLDT Athletics’ workouts designed for everyone?

Even though certain athletic movements can come across as unachievable or intimidating, BOLDT Athletics is designed to show everyone that all movements are attainable. This is proven through steps of progression and more importantly through an encouraging, well- supported community.

Regardless if your goal is aimed for improved aesthetics, overall strength, power, and/or endurance, BOLDT Athletics is designed to unlock the greatest athlete within everyone.

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