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Small Group Training

For the athlete in you

Looking to improve your athletic performance?

Our small group training sessions are the perfect way to get the personalized attention and motivation you need to reach your goals.

Throughout the week, sessions are designated towards a particular athletic goal. Workouts are focused on strength, endurance, and agility though a HIIT and circuity style workout.

Come train with us! Increase your athletic ability, get in fantastic shape, and have fun doing it. 

Young Athlete Program

For a better future

At Boldt Athletics, we are passionate about taking junior talents to the next level. 

Curated workouts dedicated to enhancing explosiveness, dynamic power, and injury prevention are key elements in our Young Athlete Program. 

Give your young competitor an opportunity to reach the top of the podium with our Young Athlete Program. 


Team Training

For a stronger team

Combing the strengths of individuals to create a stronger team is what we do best at Boldt Athletics. 

Create opportunities for your lacrosse, baseball, soccer, and football teams to become a greater unit through advanced training. 

Contact us now for a free consultation and elevate your team of young athletes to new heights.

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