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Because Our Lifestyle Demands Training

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Our Culture

At BOLDT Athletics we strive to create a growth mindset culture.  If you have the desire to improve your life and enhance your performance come try your first workout FREE and see what we are all about!  Our training is designed to create functional longevity and spark the inner athlete inside all of us.  Live life with unbound energy and become a Boldt member today.

Our Community 

Our community is passionate, purpose driven, and believe that we are stronger when we come together and help each other.  Our small group workouts foster a team building atmosphere where everyone involved is willingly stepping out of their comfort zone to level up and become a better version of themselves, all while feeling the encouragement of the people around them. 

Our Commitment 

Our commitment at BOLDT Athletics is to improve the physical performance of everyone who comes to train with us.  We offer training that is challenging and sustainable, injury preventative, improves mobility, and enhances the individual's overall state of readiness.



Russell Baron




My name is Russell Baron and I am originally from Fredericksburg, VA.  I have been working within strength and conditioning for 6 years and love constantly learning from those that I train and other professionals within the industry. Before forming BOLDT Athletics with my brother Matthew, I worked as a fitness coach for Marine Corps Base Quantico, where I learned how to specialize in combat specific training for marines, and other military personnel. Later I grew more as a fitness coach through group training.

My main passion for fitness is to help others rediscover their own strengths physically, mentally, and spiritually in order to grow into the best versions of themselves. We believe this is achievable through our style of training! Become the athlete you were meant to be!

Matt Windle



My name is Matt Windle, I am 30 years old and I'm from Scottsdale, AZ.  My passion is helping people become the best version of themselves. I have worked in the fitness industry for over 4 years and I love using my knowledge and experience to help people achieve their fitness goals.  I believe there is no replacement for hard work and anything is possible if you're willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen. There's no way to start without commitment, but there's no way to finish without consistency. If you're ready for constant improvement, enhanced performance, and a high level of overall well-being come train with me!



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7172 West 38th Ave

Wheat Ridge, CO 




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